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The untold incidence of Sita swamber

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Sita’s Swayambar

All the characters in Ramayana are inspiring.  Each episode of Ramayana fills the excitement of knowing the story ahead about it.  The story of Sita Swayamvar is also very interesting in this episode.  Because of this, Sita ji was to be Swayamvar from a special type of bow-breaking king.  It seems like a simple thing to hear.  Swayamvars used to be similar in those times, but Sita’s bow of Swayamvara was special and mysterious.  Many people know about Sita Swayamvar but do not know about this bow.  So let us know the secret of Dhanush broken in Sita Ji’s self

 Shiva’s bow

 King Janak Mahadev was a descendant of Shiva and the bow that he placed in his palace was that of Shiva.  Sita, the daughter of King Janak, was received from a pot made out of the earth.  Therefore, his name is Bhoomija.  When Janaka announced the swayamvara of his daughter Bhoomija, the condition was that Sita would be married to whoever present in the swayamvara would offer a bow to the bow placed in Janak’s palace.  Friends, this bow was made with very high-grade technology.  .  It is said that it was a nuclear missile or Brahmastra drop-off device at that time.

 Ravana and Shiva

 Now you know that Ravana was very capable, gyani and pure devotee of Shiva.  His vision was on this bow of Shiva and he was confident that he would be successful in offering the Pratyaccha due to being a devotee of Shiva.  But if this bow had gone to a destructive person like Ravana, it would have resulted in destruction.  The method of using this bow was known to only four people: King Janaka, his daughter Sita, Acharya Vishwamitra and Lord Parashurama.

 Sita-ram marriage

 This powerful bow did not reach Ravana, so Vishwamitra already told Shri Rama how to operate this bow.  But when that bow broke from Shri Ram, Parashuram was very angry.  Vishwamitra then explained that it was broken not by Sri Rama’s error but by being very ancient.  Hearing this, Parashuram’s anger subsided.  And friends, thus, this bow was destroyed by Lord Rama and the marriage of Sri Rama and Mother Sita took place.
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