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The Story Of Underrated Place Mahal Gulara Burhanpur

The construction of the palace Gulhara is a fascinating story. When Shah Jahan visited the city of Burhanpur during the reign of his father, Jahangir, he fell in love with a singer named ‘Gulara.’ ‘Gulara,’ in addition to being stunning, was also a talented vocalist. This aspect piqued Shah Jahan’s interest. He began to adore her with all of his heart. He married her, making her his wife and bestowing the title of ‘Gulara’ on her.

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Shah Jahan erected two exquisite palaces in Karara hamlet, on the banks of the Utawali river, and renamed it ‘Mahal Gulara’ after Begum’s name. From the start, Shah Jahan was a fan of this location. That is why, in order to make this site more appealing, he planted beautiful gardens and turned it into the best tourism destination. On moonlit nights, he would come to enjoy the beauty of this waterfall and would sit and listen to the melody for hours.

In the east and west directions, this palace is constructed of brick and limestone. Two large chambers in the palaces are very lovely. A staircase living from the outside in the center portion of the palace leads to the upper part of the palaces, where one can access the roof.

The views from the terrace of far-off green meadows and waterfalls are lovely. Both palaces are supported by massive pillars with arches. Under those arches, water flows. As a result, the palace has not been harmed by the rainy season’s floodwaters.

To get from one palace to the next, a lovely staircase was created. Beautiful eight-sided platforms with minor variations have been created. The splendor of the waterfall and the majestic palaces are created on sight from these platforms.

The Scindia government army came to a standstill in Ahukhana in 1803 AD, when the canal had sunk into the ground and the water supply had stopped. The Department of Archeology is in charge of the current palace. Repair work is done on a regular basis. Cleanliness is a priority.

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