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‘Ladies who changed the Hindu History

Mother Sita’s sacrifice, Draupadi’s rip-off, Radha’s selfless love for Shri Krishna, etc.

Moving away from the roles of women full of sacrifice, affection, affection, today we will talk about the women of Hindu mythology.  Women who are known for their acts of cruelty.

You know, in Hindu mythology about some women remembered for their evil-


Narasimha Disemboweling Hiranyakashipu 252C Folio from a Bhagavata Purana 2528Ancient Stories of the Lord 2529 LACMA M.82.42.8 25281 of 5 2529 »
  • Only the ego of a person overwhelms him.  This thing fits very well on King Hiranyakashyap.  Pleased with the harsh penance of Hiranyakashyap, he got the boon of being immortal.
  • After receiving this boon, he started considering himself as the most powerful person on earth.  He began to consider himself above God.  He started to cross the border when he started getting people to worship themselves.
  •  His fear was so much that people started worshiping him out of fear.  Hiranyakashyap’s son refused to participate in this sheep-trick.  His son Prahlada obeyed everything except worshiping him.
  •  Actually, child Prahlada was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu.  They used to worship Vishnu day and night.  He considered him only his lord.  In such a situation, he was not ready to worship his father.
  •  Hiranyakashyap became furious with this thing.  He tried unsuccessfully to kill the boy Prahlada.  He used to fail every time.  This time Hiranyakashyap thought of an idea.
  •  He tried to kill his son through his sister Holika.
  •  Actually, Holika had a boon that she could not burn by fire.  In the boast of this boon, Holika sat on the fire with the child on her lap.  She felt that she would survive and Prahlada’s work would be complete.
  •  But, as soon as the fire was set, Prahlada, sitting on Holika’s lap, started chanting the name of Lord Vishnu.  During this time a miracle happened.
  •  Holika, who received the boon, was burnt in the fire, while the child chanted the name of God with fire, safe and sound.  Everyone was surprised to see this.
  •  Actually, Holika had the boon of not burning in the fire alone.  While she was sitting with Prahlada this time.  This story is also believed to be behind celebrating Holi.
  •  If it is a female villain, then the name of Holika is taken at the top.  Who did not hesitate to kill his little nephew?

Holika Was Trying To Kill His Nephew Prahalad 

 Let’s not forget the story of Ramayana’s Manthara

  •  Apart from Ram, Ravana, Sita, Kumbhakaran is a very interesting character in the story of Ramayana.  Which is the reason for this entire Ramayana happening somewhere.  That character is none other than Manthara.
  •  If she had not instigated Kaikayi, she would have expressed her desire for Rama’s exile and the coronation of India.  Obtaining the death of a father in disconnection with his son.  A mother had to live separately for 14 years from her son.
  •  Manthara is one such maid of the Hindu epic Ramayana who played a very important role in changing the picture of the state of Ayodhya.  It was he who called Queen Kaikayi to demand the throne from Maharaja Dasaratha for his son Bharata.
  •  Also, asked for the exile of Shri Ram.  Leaning from his back, that is, the hunchbacked Manthara is described as an ugly woman.  He was selfish, clever, and did not hesitate to go to any extent in getting his selfish work done.
  •  After Ramtha’s exile, Manthara is happily swinging in the garden when Shatrughan, the youngest brother, proceeds to kill Manthara, but then Kaikeyi prays for Bharata to save him.  Bharat then stops him and says that his brother, elder brother Ram, can never be happy with this.
  •  Let me tell you, Manthara loved Kaikeyi very much.  He also brought them up as a child.  It was because of this attachment that she came to her in-laws with Kaikeyi after marriage.
  •  Because of this act of provoking her, she is placed on the list of a woman villain. Manthara Instigated Queen Kaikayi 

 ‘Pootna’, who tried to kill Shri Krishna with poison

Putana dying »
  •  Everyone is aware of the child pastimes of little Krishna.  According to Hindu mythology, he captivated everyone with his naughty and beautiful appearance.
  •  Krishna was the nephew of the demon Kansa.  He wanted to kill Krishna.  He had the curse of his death from his sister Devaki’s eighth son.  In such a situation, he wanted to kill Krishna in his childhood.  He also made several unsuccessful efforts for this.
  •  In this episode, he also chose an evil demonic Pootna for this work.  Demonic Pootna transforms herself into a beautiful woman.  She enters the house of Krishna like a stick.
  •  She somehow managed to trap the naive Yashoda mother in her trap.  In this way, she came inside the house.  He tried to kill Krishna with poison in food.  After not being successful in this, Pootna was just looking for a chance.
  •  As soon as she saw the little Krishna alone, she kidnapped him and ran out.  He started trying to feed poisonous milk from his breasts.  And then little Krishna killed him.

 And the one who lost his heart Suprakha

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  •  Ravana’s only sister Shurpanakha was a terrible ugly demon, but also assumed the form of a very beautiful woman with her elusive powers.  He got the name Shurpanakha because of his big and wide nails like syrup.  This woman was also the root cause of the Ram-Ravana war.
  •  According to Valmiki Ramayana, when Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita were residing in Panchavati during exile, Ravana’s sister Shurpanakha’s heart fell on Rama.  She took this desire to him.
  •  Ram was married, which is why he turned down the offer.  His proposal was rejected saying that he is already married and his wife is Sita.
  •  After this shurprakha went to Lakshmana, but Gusail became enraged by Lakshmana by nature and he did not look at him, he cut off Shurpanakha’s nose.  Feeling humiliated herself, she reached her brother Ravana weeping and asked to avenge his humiliation.
  •  After which the war is well known.
  •  In many texts, it is said about Shurpanakha that on a happy occasion, his attacks used to be a great sage and in times of sorrow, people used to shiver.

 Soorpankha Was the Sister of Raavan 

Similarly, the name of Shurpanakha is also included in this mythological stories.  This list includes many more names.  However, these villains are few who are known even today for their deceit and cruelty.

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