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9 uncharted mysteries of Bharata (India)

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 Indian unsolved mystery

Temples full of mysteries

Millions of tons of treasure are buried in the cellars of many temples. Millions of tonnes of gold are pressed, for example, in the seven cellars of Kerala’s Sripadmanabham temple. The treasury of about 1 lakh crores has been taken out of the royal family’s six cellars, but the royal family has banned the opening of the seventh cellar after receiving the order from the Supreme Court. After all, what is it in that basement that could be destroyed if it were to be opened? It is said that a specific mantra is used to close the cellar door, and that the mantra is the only way to open it.

In Vrindavan, a temple opens and closes on its own. Lord Krishna is said to sleep in the Nidivan complex’s Rangmahal during the night. Makhan-Mishri is still served as prasad in Rangmahal today. A bed is also provided for sleeping purposes. When you look at these beds in the morning, you’ll immediately notice that someone slept here the night before and received Prasad. Not only that, but the temple’s doors close automatically when it gets dark, so the temple priests set up beds and offerings before it gets dark. Most brijwasi claim that shrimati radha rani and shri krishna visit the temple for ras composition, and some devotees claim that they can see shri krishna and radha.

No one, according to folklore, spends the night here. Leave no one alive, including animals and birds. People have noticed this for years, but the truth behind the secret has remained hidden due to religious beliefs. People here believe that if a person spends the night in this complex, he is liberated from all worldly ties and dies.


You remember Ashwatthama of Mahabharata.  It is said that Ashwatthama still exists.  In fact, according to mythological beliefs, Ashwatthama, who came out to avenge his father’s death, suffered one of his lapses and Lord Krishna cursed him to wander for ages.  It is said that Ashwatthama has been wandering for the last about 5000 years.

The fort of Asirgarh is 20 km from Burhanpur city of Madhya Pradesh.  It is said that Ashwatthama still comes to worship in the Shiva temple located in this fort.  Local residents narrate many stories related to Ashwatthama.  They tell that whoever saw Ashwatthama, his mental condition deteriorated forever.  Apart from this, it is said that before Ashwatthama Puja, there are also baths in the pond located in the fort.

Apart from Burhanpur, there is a mention of Ashwatthama wandering on the banks of Gaurighat (Narmada River) in Jabalpur city of Madhya Pradesh.  According to local residents, sometimes they also demand turmeric and oil to stop the blood flowing from their forehead wounds.  In this regard, however, nothing has been found clear and authentic till date.

 Dwarka under the sea

Dwarka, Lord Sri Krishna’s inhabited city on the Gujarat coast. This location holds religious significance, and the mystery surrounding it is no less. This city is said to have drowned in the sea after the death of Krishna. The remains of that city still can be found here today. However, the proof has yet to be discovere However, the proof has yet to be discovere The Mahabharata’s construction is not considered by science.

The Mahabharata’s construction is not considered by science.  Well-known researchers have tried to uncover the truth of Dwarka as described in the Puranas, but no scientifically sound study has yet been completed. In 2005, a campaign was launched to uncover the secrets of Dwarka. This campaign too was supported by the Indian Navy.

Chopped stones were discovered in the depths of the sea during the expedition, and about 200 other samples were collected from here, but it still is unidentified whether this is the same city where Lord Krishna settled. Even today, scientists are trying to solve this mystery by scuba diving to the ocean’s depths.

 Mount Kailash

It is regarded as the world’s largest and most mysterious mountain. Only good souls are permitted to reside here. It is thought to be the epicentre of supernatural forces.

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  Mount Kailash

This mountain is shaped like a pyramid. It is the centre of the Earth, according to scientists. Axis Mundi is yet another name for the centre. The axis mundi is the world’s navel or celestial pole, as well as the geographic pole’s centre. It is a point where ten directions meet to form a link between the heavens and the earth. Axis Mundi, according to Russian scientists, is a place where supernatural power flows and where you can make contact with it. The Kailash mountain resembles the four compass points and is situated in a secluded area devoid of large mountains. Mount Kailash is forbidden to climb, but Milarepa, a Tibetan Buddhist yogi, did so in the 11th century. This report by Russian scientists was published in the UNSPACIAL magazine in January 2004.

Mount Kailash is surrounded by the sources of four major rivers: Sindh, Brahmaputra, Sutlej, and Karvali or Ghaghra, and it is surrounded by two lakes. First, there’s Mansarovar, which is one of the world’s highest pure water lakes and is the same size as the Sun, and then there’s Monster Lake, which is one of the world’s highest saltwater lakes and looks a lot like Chandra. Both of these lakes have solar and lunar forces associated with positive and negative energy. A swastika sign can actually be seen when viewed from the south.

When Russian scientists studying Mount Kailash and its surroundings met religious leaders in Tibetan temples, they told them that there is a supernatural power flow around Mount Kailash in which ascetics can still communicate with spiritual gurus through telepathy. Huh. This mountain is a man-made giant pyramid that serves as the focal point for a hundred smaller pyramids. In the Ramayana, it is also mentioned that it is pyramidal.

There has been talk about seeing the man, i.e. the snow. They are Himalayan people who live in the Himalayas. People are claiming that Yeti, who kill and eat people, have been seen in the Himalayas with ghosts and yogis.

 Son Bhandar Cave

In Bihar’s Rajgir, the Mauryan ruler Bimbisara’s priceless gold reserves are hidden. Rajgir, a small city in Bihar’s Nalanda district, is significant in a variety of ways. In ancient times, the city served as the capital of Magadha. Lord Buddha preached to Bimbisara, the emperor of Magadha, here. The city is particularly well-known for its Buddha-related monuments.

 Aleya Bhoot Light

A mysterious light was seen several times in West Bengal’s marshy areas. These, according to local residents, are the souls of fishermen who died while fishing for unspecified reasons. They’re also recognised as “ghost lights.” It is also said that fishermen who see this light deviate from the path or are unable to live for long periods of time. Many fishermen’s bodies have also been discovered in these marshy areas, but the local administration refuses to believe that this was caused by ghosts. Such mishaps, he makes a claim, frequently occur among fishermen. This mystery-clog, on the other hand, has yet to be solved. Scientists believe that methane gas is produced frequently in marshy areas and that it reacts with an element to produce light.

 Roopkund Lake

The Himalayan Mountains are home to this river. On this coast, human skeletons have been discovered. Several groups of Indian and European scientists attempted to solve the mystery over the years, but they were unsuccessful. The National Geographic (Indian Division) discovered a massive 22-foot hellfire during excavations in northern India. The army has taken control of the desert area of the north known as Empty Kshetra. The Saraswati River used to flow through this area in ancient times. This skeleton was discovered in this area of North India in 2007 by a National Geographic team with the assistance of the Indian Army. On September 8, 2007, news to this effect was published in a few newspapers. However, the veracity of such reports has yet to be confirmed. It is considered untrue until an authorised statement is issued in this case.

It is said that according to stature, this skeleton resembles the description of Ghatotkach, the Bhima son of Mahabharata.  However, it is also being compared to Bigfoot found in the US, whose average height is estimated at 8 feet.  It is also being compared to the Yeti found in the Himalayas, which is very similar to Bigfoot.

It’s thought that between 5 lakh and 12 million years ago, giant humans weighing around 550 kilogrammes roamed the earth. Seeing this skeleton reminds us that India used to be home to such massive human beings. The Indian government is thought to be keeping this investigation under wraps. The unique aspect is that no proof of such a large man’s existence had previously been discovered. Were there are that many people the above large? This is the first evidence of how advanced humans were at the time.

 Jatinga Village

Bird suicide incidents have made headlines in this Assamese village. Birds are said to come here and commit suicide. The black shadow of death seems to hover over the sky of Jatinga in the cumbersome night of monsoon, much like how people come to commit suicide in the dense forest of Aokigahara in Japan’s Mount Fuji foothills. The flock herds flock to the fort in the direction of the light, merging into Kaal’s cheeks. The cause of the mass suicide of sparrows has remained a mystery to this day. Many studies have been conducted in order to learn more, but nothing concrete can be said about this esoteric natural mystery. It’s crucial to understand the secrets of this valley in Assam’s Cachar district.

 Caves of India

Tiger caves, Ajanta-Ellora caves, Elephanta caves, and Bhima Betka caves are just a few of India’s ancient caves. When and who built all of these caves? Its riddle remains unsolved. When it comes to a united India, the Bamiyan caves in Afghanistan should be included. There are 750 caves in Bhimbetka, 500 of which have rock paintings.

According to some historians, the oldest painting here is 35 thousand years old, while others believe it is 12,000 years old. The Palaeolithic Bhimbetka caves are located 46 kilometres from Bhopal in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. The Vindhya ranges surround them. Bhimbetka is located on the southern edge of the Madhya Bharat plateau, on the lower part of the Vindhyachal hills. From the pre-Paleolithic to the middle Paleolithic, this location was the epicentre of human activity.

 Yamdwar of Tibet

Tibet was known as Trivishtap in ancient times. It used to be a part of India as a whole. China has taken control of Tibet. Yama’s entrance is 30 minutes from Darchen in Tibet. On the way to the holy Kailash mountain, Yama’s gate appears. It is said to be the entrance to Yamaraja’s, the god of death’s, house in Hindu mythology. It is the starting point of Mount Kailash’s circumambulation journey. Chorten Kang Nagyi, or two-legged stupa, is how Tibetans refer to it. It is said that no one can survive a night stay here. Many incidents like this have already occurred, but the reasons for them have yet to be revealed. Furthermore, there is no evidence of who or when this temple gate was constructed. There was a lot of research done, but no conclusion was reached.

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