1:-Live In Present Voice Of Lord Krishna

Nowadays most people are anxious about their lives and relationships and have forgotten how to live.

In “Srimad Bhagwat Geta “

Arjuna’s asked:-How to live life happily and joyfully Krishna?
Lord Krishna Answer calmly:-Says to live in present and not in the future. As another name for future struggles. If there is a desire in the heart which is unfulfilled it gives unfulfillment. Krishna says life is neither in past nor in the future but life is in the present and life is the name of happy moments we live. But we do not understand the truth after knowing, we think of the spent moments, wishing love and make wants for the future. And so life goes on. If we can hear the sound of heart and live life accordingly we are going to enjoy and welcome the life and embrace the future. We will accept the obstacles coming and our life will have blossomed.

2:Importace Of Meditation

(Yog Ki Paribhasha)

In” Shrimad Bhagwat Geta”The second chapter 
Arjun Ask:-Hey Krishna How to make our mind pure what is meditation?
Krishna Says:– Hey Arjun to forget all the incidence, indulgence, Happiness, and pain Immobilize the mind Abandon your attachment, and do your karma.
Meditation is done only when “Steady Intelligence” is there in the mind. This is the key to unlock All your “7 Chakras” in your body.
Arjun Ask:- How it is possible Krishna. What we can do about it?

Krishna Ans. calmly:- Says

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  • Sitting in a quiet place.
  • Then straighten the back.
  • Keeps Hand in the Straight position.
  • Close The eyes Keep all the senses in your control.
  • Then mind in your inner Mind. Pronounce the world 🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉.
  •  After your all 5 senses Lose the touch.  

3:-Be A True Friend!

In this Brutal World, relationships always take a backseat. But the story of Krishna is with a lot of love and how he valued his friendship. Gives a lesson to the world about true friendship.

Once lord Krishna’s Childhood friend sudhama visited him hoping to ask for help.Sudhama a poor man hoping to meet Krishna for help. While meeting Krishna sudhama wished to give a beautiful present to Krishna but he did not have money to buy. Then he gifted him a handful of rising. Despite being wealthy, Lord Krishna accepts with great pleasure and joy. But once after being their sadhana couldn’t impose his problem because of soul stuff and shyness. When sudhama returning to the home as it was transformed into gold and there was all type of precious stone and wealth.

This Story gives us true devotion and lots of love. Lord Krishna, being the genius friend and understanding the problems of sudhana.  Whether the thing is significant Lord Accept with great pleasure By the true love and devotion.

4:-Raise Your Voice For Women 

If you believe that you are a real man, then you will stand for any and every woman in their sufferings, may it be whatever For instance, if she is physically harassed, facing eve-teasing, being spoken about in bad light, or is being objectified. If we draw a comparison, mother earth has been graceful, faithful, and unilateral to men in every sense possible. If feeds us with all possible resources, just like a mother feeds us with food, to progress and grow in our lives. For this, the pain that they go through is unconventional and salute-worthly. A bit that we can do to repay his great debt is to merely respect them with whatever it takes.

If you remember the story of Mahabharat Krishna stood with Draupadi when the Kauravas tried to humiliate her in front of the entire court.No one comes for her help whether Her own husbands. They are lost in-game and didn’t move a muscle to protest. It Was the only Krishna who stepped into the scene and pristed her with a saree.

5:-Love From Nature

The Voice of Krishna says That nature is everything for humans. we can treat nature as a mother. Nature gives us everything to survive water, food, and fresh air from trees. we can teach everyone insignificantly.
All things are given by nature. Nowadays cruel people killing animals and eating them to quenching hunger. people forget their deeds. These are in the trap of hunger they don’t know what is wrong and right. Forgets their deeds They don’t know that God is everywhere and in everyone.

6:-Victory over weakness

In this outrageous world, some of the people are weak because of fear attacks in the mind.

Arjuna’s Ask:-Hey Krishna How To Find Victory Over Weakness?

Krishna Answer:-Hey Arjun some of the people are weak on the earth because Their mind is weak  They suffering from incurable diseases, Taking tension, can’t bear much weight, Do not remember any lying lesson. If the person who has everything in his life. weak people have jealousy and heartrate which make them feel unsatisfied. Due to which there is discontent in life and sorrow in their heart That is why they are not able to find happiness and win over weakness. But there are some people who have defeated their weakness with their courage and labor. Now, what is the difference between us and them? Those who have the courage to award Defeat the weakness in the heart. Because weakness is given by God but modesty creates the human mind.

7:-Never lives in Illusion 

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Nowadays Illusion is a trap in human life. Voice of Krishna tells in Geeta about never carry fascination in your mind always be happy with what you have Because Fascination destroys human tendency. That why men forget his deeds. Misbehave like a demon and becomes sin partner.

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